Friday, June 28, 2013


Summer plans are in the works and it's going to be a nice one! July is already becoming packed with things to do including a roadtrip to the other side of the state for a long weekend, a week-long trip up to the U.P. (upper peninsula of Michigan), and taking online continuing education courses through  through the StudentUnion.

I've signed up for a bunch of dysphagia related courses to start off with:

-Performing a Clinical Swallow Evaluation
-Putting the Pieces Together: From research to practice in dysphagia management
-Cultural Sensitivity and Dysphagia: A Good Blend?
-Through Thick and Thin...Liquids
-Clinical Excellence in Dementia-Dysphagia Management
-Swallowing Issues in Individuals with Tracheostomy, Ventilator, and Respiratory Compromise Swallow Screening: How and Why
-Dysphagia in Patients at the End of Life

They are all video courses, all an hour long, and there are handouts that go along with most of them that consist of at least a pdf of the powerpoint though a few have checklists, resources lists, and/or other
handouts too. When you feel like you are comfortable with the material, you take an exam and then the grade is posted to your account's transcript so you can keep track. Will see how it goes! 

I have lots of other things planned for this summer, but really most of my summer days will be spent at work. I start my summer schedule at the Children's Institute next week and was scheduled more hours than I expected, but they are all in the classroom where I will be the graduate assistant in the Fall so I am happy not to be bouncing around from class to class. And speaking of being a graduate assistant, I finally was able to officially apply for that position yesterday! I am really excited and thankful that they offered me the position. I really love the classroom I work in and other than a bump in hours as well as a few extra duties, the job won't change much and should work well with clinic hours and class commitments. The big bonus comes in the form of 16-18 credits of tuition paid for between the Fall and Winter semesters so that means about $14,000 less in school loans that I will have to take out next year! 

Ahhhh, I love summer. :)


  1. The video courses you're taking this summer sound terrific. And a big congrats on getting the grad assistant position! Enjoy your summer. :-)

  2. I'm excited to start them! Thank you for the congrats, I hope you have a great summer! :)